Postdoc Fellowship/RA are available now! !

One Post-doctoral Fellow/Research Assistant position are available in Prof. Yiwen Wang's Lab jointly run by the Department of Electronic Engineering the Division of Biomedical Engineering.

The appointees will study neuroplasticity in developing and applying computational approaches to discover and understand the underlying principle of how brain learns to generate accurate autonomous control on neuro-prosthesis via adaptation to the environmental demands,  and to pursue the translational application for clinical use. The appointees will have collaboration opportunities with the University of Florida, USA and Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology Ulsan, South Korea.

Applicants for the Post-doctoral Fellow position should have a PhD degree in neuroscience, electrical engineering, mathematics, physics, computer science or a related discipline with solid knowledge of computational neuroscience, and background of signal processing, machine learning.  Relevant working experience in a laboratory setting with animals, including electro physiology recording, animal behavior training and brain surgery, will be an asset. 

Applicants for the Research Assistant position should have a bachelor's or higher degree in biology or medicine with experience in programming. Candidates with practical experience in electro physiology recording, animal behavior training and brain surgery are preferred.  The successful candidate should be capable of working independently and have strong analytical skills.

Starting salary will be commensurate with qualifications and experience. Fringe benefits including annual leave, medical and dental benefits will be provided.

Please check HKUST Careers - Current Job Openings with Job ID 3262, or email me together with a curriculum vitae and a statement of interests.

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